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Arquitecta - Luis Gabriel Trejos Duque by TREJOSCOMICS Arquitecta - Luis Gabriel Trejos Duque by TREJOSCOMICS
Gabriel Trejos Duque is an illustrator, graphic designer and publicist. Currently working for several companies of various industries.

 LUIS GABRIEL TREJOS DUQUE born 29 September 1976 in the city of Pereira (Risaralda Colombia), the primary study in the Joint College of Dosquebradas Santa Isabel, his secondary education at the Institute of Higher Technical Pereira. Between 1992 and 1993 working as a freelance cartoonist on the editorial page of the newspaper La Tarde de Pereira, in the year 1994 military service in the battalion Yariguies Fourth Brigade in Medellin, where he held office activities and use their facilities for drawing the illustration of educational and instructional manuals that were distributed to military personnel of the institution itself. Then back to Pereira and began his studies at the University Foundation CIDCA, where he graduated in the area of Technology in Advertising and Visual Communication, he learned there and marketing bases of design, the latter being the most interesting, so therefore decided to study alongside Arts degree at the Technological University of Pereira, to obtain better knowledge about the composition, anatomy, ancient and modern techniques of universal painting, one of his favorite subjects were art history.
After leaving college working as a graphic designer and owner of DIGIMPRENTA LTDA in the years 1999 and 2000. Between 2001 and 2002 by working as a freelance graphic illustration works and publications in print, while performed in the film club BORGES building workshops and comic illustration.

In 2003 he comes into contact with a group of designers and works as a freelance graphic ORISFERA Overall Design of the city of Pereira. He has also held exhibitions of painting and drawing individual and collective cultural centers of Pereira as the club's hall Borges Caligari, the hallway of Comfamiliar CREM art center, the Block of circling. It is co-creator of the Legend Group of illustration in the city of Pereira. He has participated in national events as Calicomix: Hall of cartoons and caricatures, No Format: gathering of young filmmakers, National Salon and manga comic (Medellin - Antioquia), expositions of comics at the Universidad Nacional (Manizales - Caldas) and the regional event Arte Joven.

He currently works independently in the area of advertising design and illustration for various companies.
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